Pirawell invented a revolutionary CD case design.

“Print and fold only one side of A4 paper.”

You can create a CD case with just that.
Easy to edit data is also available.

You can use it for free.
Please use it.



This CD case material can be used free of charge for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.
Feel free to modify or redistribute the data.
Credits are not required to be written, but the author will be very happy if you write them.

When redistributing data, please do not erase the copyright information.
* I leave it to your conscience.

Credit example

CD cases are created by Pirawell’s CD CASE MATERIAL.
Production organization: Pirawell   Website: https://pirawell.net/


Download: English version [CD_CASE_DATA_ENGLISH.ZIP](1.96MB)
MD5(f6 4f 33 20 96 62 da ed 73 d7 88 47 cc 8a 5e 3c)

Download:Japanese version[CD_CASE_DATA_JAPANESE.ZIP](4.03MB)
MD5(b4 d1 f5 d8 d5 8a f3 b1 fd c0 55 80 e6 15 ac e1)

Update history

September 5, 2019: First public release